Monday, February 04, 2008

Stalking Annabelle's Mom

There is a girl at Chuckles's day care named Annabelle. She's a doll. A mop head of curly brown hair, big, round brown eyes, and lips puffed like sleeves from a 1980s prom dress. Anyway, I am stalking her mother. Annabelle actually looks a lot like her mother.

So, I saw Annabelle's mother at school this morning and we were talking about breastfeeding. Then, I left to head off to work. On the train platform, I saw Annabelle's mom. I would have said, "Hi" but I was on my cell phone and I have no idea what her name is. It could be Julie or Mitzi or Liz or Bernadette. All I know is she is Annabelle's mom. Then, on the train home, I saw her again (with her husband this time who I only know as Annabelle's Dad). So, my goal for tomorrow is to find out her name and say, "Hi" to her. Oh, and I guess I'll tell her my name too.

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