Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What good is obsessive without the compulsive?

Things keep arriving from ebay. Today a Gordon the Big Express Engine arrived along with three Richard Scarry books, which were huge hits with The Boy, The Man of the House, and me. Yay. Everyone wins.

Then, I just spent the last 45 minutes on teh internet scrouning for drug prices. You see, I have contacted my doctor and we start infertility treatment come DAY ONE. And although I don't need teh pricey drugs (yet), my insurance doesn't cover this stuff so I am a cash customer. I am comparing and contrasting the relative merits of buying online in the USA or looking to Spain. I think USA. But, who knows. Prices are all over the board. One simple pill ranges in price from $1.50 each to $4.26 each and I need 15, so $22.50 to $63.89. That savings alone can pay for the express shipping from Spain. Never mind the cost of Pregnyl/Profasi/Novarel/Chorex. That ranges from $26 to over $100. I'm taking recommendations for online pharmacies which you have used (or know someone who has) and are reputable and are not selling Smarties in fancy packages.
Julie and Julia have used ivfmeds and freedomDrug. I priced things out on drugstore as well. CVS doesn't post all of these prices online, but boy howdie are they high. And Walgreens can kiss my butt since they don't even tell you anything except that they bought Schraft's Fertility pharmacy and call them for prices and availability. So screw you. Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, I was obsessing and compulsing all over here.

Since I am waiting for Day One, I probably have another three week to a month to fret over this since it's only CD18 here (and the cycles, they are long). When CD1 does arrive, it will all be chop-chop-chop hurry-hurry-hurry. Wait wait wait. Fun!


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