Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let's Play "What If"

What if I get pregnant this month? My due date would be, what, like Thanksgiving? That's cool.

What if I don't get pregnant this month? I researched last night and within 4 miles of my home, there are two fertility clinics (one less than a mile away) with 2005 IVF take-home baby rates of 28% and 22%, for $7200 and $9900, respectively (not that I need IVF, since last time I just needed a little four-drug cocktail but it's good to have options).

What if I do get pregnant this month? I will end up off of the progesterone some time in the spring/summer.

What if I don't? I'll be drinking heavily this easter.

What if I do? That new job will look awfully foolish.

What if I don't? That new job will look awesome.

Anyway, that's what I have been thinking lately. Anyone know who won on SuperDuper Tuesday? The news here is all blizzard, all the time.

Oh, and I want to talk about the Writers' Strike and cable tv, my lack thereof, and digital tv thingamajigs. Oh and commuting. I want to talk about light rail. They are looking at extending the light rail into the city into my town. That'd be OK and probably a boon for property values. Sometimes I go to the city on teh train. It's a 10-minute drive to the train station. No biggie. But the new station would be closer. They say we can have it with no new taxes but the train schedule says that my ticket/fare does not pay for the entire cost of transporting me, so I don't know. Maybe raise fares to meet operating costs?

Wait, I just found another IVF clinic less than 1 mile away with a take-home baby rate of 23% (no price listed). I figure that IVF clinics have much better hours for monitoring than the OB's office (who, by the way, did fine by me last time, but honestly, an 11:15 am wanding, 20 minutes from work is a bit inconvenient).

So, what's up with you?

PS - I hate that jury duty is keeping me from having lunch with a friend ( I would say "an old friend" but she reads the blog and would point out she's only 6 weeks older and my turn is coming soon and blahblahblah, love you).

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