Monday, February 11, 2008

Previously On SarcastiCarrie

So, anyway, where were we?

  • I am on CD10 with the Clear Plan Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor. I have neither LH nor estrogen to show for it. Apparently, I suck in many ways and this is one of them. But that's OK. I also think that I wasted the money on teh monitor (although it's not wasted since I can resell it on ebay when I am done for about the same as I paid for it's like I'm borrowing). So, anyway, the monitor measures estrogen and LH concentration in your urine to get a fertility rating for each day. But, I think I am capable of doing that without little test sticks and an electronic gizmo. I can check ewcm and bbt and everything, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  • So that fertility monitor was an ebay score. Today I got a Toby the Tram. Chuckles wants a Gordon the Big Express Engine and a Toby the Tram. I guess I'll give him Toby in his Easter basket. Or Easter Bunny will. Whatever.
  • Ode to Minus 3 degrees: Ohhhh, you have a redeeming quality minus three. You make walking in plus 12 (in a snowstorm) comparatively enjoyable.
  • To my train this morning that was 15 minutes late leaving me standing on the crowded platform for extra minutes in minus 3 weather (with wind chill, friends): thanks for not being 20 minutes late.
  • This is pretty funny, especailly around the 50-second mark:
  • I just bid on a Gordon the Big Express Engine. ebay is a sickness. But the DEALS.
  • We have entered a new developmental phase. At least I hope it's just a phase. Chuckles has discovered "naughty" words. He has said things like "Shut Up" (which hopefully is on it's way out) and "poop" and "butt". In context, it goes like this: "Mom, you are a poop." Or, "Dinner, Apple Sauce, milk, chair, butt ." I try to ignore it. But it's hard. The center director for his day care had a talk with him last week because he just walked around teh room singing loudly: Butt Poop Farts Pee Butt Poop Poopie Butt Farts (and so on). She said she was having a hard time not laughing so tears were streaming down her face. I pointed out that saying naughty words makes Mrs. Nina cry. Ha ha ha ha.
  • Oh, man. I just bid on some Richard Scarry books. I'm such a sucker for books. It's not like CHuckles doesn't have any books. And it's not like I didn't just drop $2 at the Goodwill for 8 more books. Sucker. I'm a sucker for books. He just got Berenstain Bears something about a road race which I read back-to-back-to-back-to-back until bed (in the big-boy bed, by the way, which was really quite a painless tranisition...much less bad than I had feared).
  • Oh, and Chuckles kept dry overnight 1x this weekend and 1x dry at nap this weekend. I hear it's about 6 months after daytime dry before nighttime dry sets in. I'm cool with a year since I think we did daytime potty training on the early side (about 2 years, 2 or 3 months?).
  • I'm not a huge reader of fiction. I zone out when people talk about books most of the time. I don't even like fiction (or movies) but I got sucked in to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice on PBS's complete Jane Austen last night. Man, that Mr. Collins is a bore. And the brooding Mr. Darcy. Too bad I had to go to bed and have no idea what happened before I turned it on or after. May have to read that. I have a lot of time on the train nowadays.
  • Oh my gosh, I just bid on another lot of Richard Scarry books. It's a sickness. I know. I am shutting down my other browser window right now. I'm compulsive. Browser is done and I am going to bed. yikes.
  • I'm room mom for Chuckles's Valentine's Party on Thursday. I'm bringing little Dixie cups with hearts on them filled with fruit. Each of 24 children gets red grapes, green grapes, a strawberry, and a blackberry, and Disney-Pixar Valentine and heart sticker. I love this mom-thing (can you tell he napped at school today?).

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