Friday, February 08, 2008


The FCC says that all TV will be digital in 2009. They're already broadcasting it. In Chicagoland, we have Channel 11 (public television wttw) but we also have 11.1 which is qubo (I think it's cue-boe), a children's programming station. Those are the stations between the stations. Because my tv is not digital, I don't get those channels. But, they're going to stop broadcasting in analog. So, I signed up to get a $40 voucher for a digital converter set top box. We have an antenna in our attic that will receive digital signals. Without it, the tv goes dark next year. And that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I love the new show CHUCK, which is as good as a cancellation in TV-world. Shows I like rarely stick around. Like Wonderfalls. I can't explain why I like CHUCK without a little back story. I like stories. As in, in order to get my motor running, I like to think about things. I like 'longing'. I like when people want eachother but due to circumstance cannot have eachother. That is how Chuck is for me. He's totally hot for Sarah, his CIA protector. But he can't have her. And she's hot for him too, but she won't let herself fall for him (and why not fall for him, he's hot in a nerdy way). So, Chuck is one hot show. What with the longing and the unrequited and the whatnot. Oh and Captain Awesome is man-cake in a more traditional way. And Casey is scary man-cake. And the nerd herd are fun-nay. And if you want to watch with a man, there's usually hot-chick on hot-chick fighting. The only drawback is I hate Ellie because of what she did to Ephram on Everwood (but that's characters and just on a different show, so no harm/no foul).

NOw, let's talk about LOST. The scheduling people who came up with the idea of leaving the show off of the air for 10 months are idiots but so far this season, the show is moving right along. Apparently, they get rescued off of the island. But not all of them. Only six. The Oceanic 6. So far, we know that Jack, Kate, and Hurley get off the island. Next week they tell us another one. But first, next week, they will show this week's episode as a rerun but with enhanced content. What does that mean? Is there a deleted scene? And this stuff with Jacob in the cabin. I don't think I can sleep. Eek! There was a toll-free number in last night's episode that wasn't a 555-number. What happens if I call it? Will I learn all the secrets? I am sure they are a viral marketing juggernaut. I;m watching Missing Pieces (deleted scenes, I guess). These scenes are from all different seasons. Very odd.

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