Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So, I am totally in to bullet points these days.
  • In the category of "Things I Never Ever Thought Would Be Bad But Were", we have a "relaxation massage". I had a panic attack on the table and thought I was being hurt or something and then broke out in hives from the Bio-Freeze. I should have known not to take the massage when my regular girl was booked but I figured anyone can rub me down. I now, officially, know better. And they made me pay full-price for it. With you all as my witnesses (ok, just both of you), I will NEVER use Bio-Freeze again. I have no idea what "Ilex" is but it's in there and I bet that's the reason I was shaking uncontrollably.
  • In honor of Valentine's Day, my husband left town on a business trip.
  • In honor of Valentine's Day, we got my in-laws a carbon monoxide detector for their house (we had some suspicions but they don't call it a silent killer for nothing.). Their house has about 50 ppm of CO, which according to the booklet is the OSHA PEL for 8 hours. So, they are poisoning themselves slowly. Chuckles is scheduled to spend the night Friday, but I may need to overrule that as he is much smaller than a full-sized adult and we cannot have him there for 12 hours being poisoned. That is not OK. So, my inlaws need to have some repair done to something in their house. Bummer. Glad we found it though.
  • In honor of Valentine's Day, I sent those little cups of fruit to school, which were a bit hit by the way. And they sent home a bunch of candy and crap. Am I the only one who thinks 2-year olds do not need to know about the existence of "fruit" snacks, suckers, Kit-Kats, and Fun-Dip? Did you know they actually make Valentines that are a candy wrapper or box of candy or a packet of Fun-Dip?
  • It's now like CD13 or CD14 (I think it's 13 but I cannot keep track, which is why the fertility monitor is so good. I could go switch it on and it would tell me).
  • Spoiler Alert...skip to the next bullet if you don't want to know....The TV show LOST is seriously freaking me out. But we did learn the identity of another of the Oceanic 6...spoiler's Sayeed. I think Kate and Sawyer are hot together. I don't care if he's all slimy and smarmy and dirty and stinky and shirtless and oiled up just so. And Kate has freckles and dimples and smiles and Sawyer told her he want to stay on teh island because basically, back in the real world, he's not good enough to get her and she's supposed to be in jail. He wants to stay on the island for love. Oh my god. The longing. But they, ahem, have eachother occasionally, so the longing is notsomuch, but then you throw Jack in the mix. Oh and guns! Whee.
  • Work is insane. I got this new job and am training in on it but I still have my other job and it's ridiculous to have the two jobs I had before, be responsible for training everyone in their new assignments including me, and be training in on a new job. I am training in the big, big city, so tomorrow night (barring needing to rescue my baby from a house of poison gas) I will stay in town and go to dinner. And my husband has suggested that I get a little drunk so he can get a little lucky. I am just sayin' yo.
  • Two is a hard age, but I hear three is worse. I fear I have entered the realm of the 3. Yikes. He always seems to hit these milestones a little early (usually about 4-6 months early) and we're there. He's defiant, loving, disobedient, happy, strong-willed, snuggly. It's like living with either a drunkard or a manic-depressive. Either way, it's a fun ride (most of the time).
  • Apparently six were killed in a shooting at NIU. I sure am glad the only one who terrorized campus when I was in school was the UnaBomber.
  • I have ebay syndrome and I refuse to log on there today because I know I will bid on something and the next thing you know, the UPS man and I are on a first-name basis and then all of a sudden, I am in divorce court splitting up the assests attained via ebay. And I already have 19 children's books on the way to my house and somewhere between 2 and 6 train engines, I can't even remember what I bought!

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