Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Shoppy

More cute kids towels can be found at L L Bean.

Went to Goodwill today. It was 50% off day. Woo Hoo. We got little kid Snow Boots (and then went and played in the snow for an hour), two pairs of jeans for me (Tommy Hilfiger and Rider), six shirts (brands from Sonoma to Eddie Bauer), and three books. My grand total was $20. I love Goodwill.

No matter what I have been telling you or myself about not living like I might get pregnant and not planning things, I apparently was doing this. I kept not buying new clothes because I was going to get pregnant and then I'd get to take all my maternity stuff out and wear it and then I'd have a whole new wardrobe anyway. So, with this morning's stunning negative, I went out and got new clothes. Whee. And heck, I took that new job at work. So, there.

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  1. I love Goodwill, too.

    I bought a pair of Hilfiger summer capris there for $1 and some GAP bootcut jeans for less than $4 recently! I find my girls things there every time. I usually go about once a month.