Thursday, February 14, 2008

For the Record

I am in a much better place personally than I was on this day last year. Oh yes. Very much better.

Last year, I had a job I loved that I quit because my family life was in shambles. I resented my husband and thought about divorce during every moment I was not thinking about what to fix for dinner. My house wasn't selling due to some "slump".

This year, I have three jobs (two of which I tolerate and one which looks quite promising). I love my husband madly and miss him when he's not here. I want another baby and I don't care whether I sell my house because I live here now. And I got a cat. I won't even mention that I haven't had a flat tire in almost a year because I don't want to jinx it (and I have four new tires). But so far, things look OK.

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