Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And to top it off

Chuckles has skipped naps about half of the time in the last week and I am not a fan of this new normal; however, I am rolling with the punches and not punching anyone.

Today, though, I got a nap out of him. He is quietly napping upstairs (and huzzah, the roofers are not 6 feet above him pounding away as they are done for today as near as I can tell). But, when I brought him inside from his car ride (back to car riding, are we? I have no idea) the damned smoke detector was chirping, so I quietly and gingerly laid him down on his aerobed (as we are continuing to break him into that so our vacation does not suq, as the French say) and then frantically dashed to the kitchen to get a chair so I could free the battery from the, did I mention damned?, thing.

Crisis averted. We are approzmiately 12 weeks from when I started tearing up the bathroom, so I guess I'd better stop blogging and go put the polyeurethane on the cabinets, STAT.

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