Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Big Boy Inflatable Bed

As I predicted, amazon did not screw me and the aerobed arrived via amazon free shipping (aka pack mule). Actually, the free shipping has usually been quite speedy all things considered. I'm an instant gratification type though, so it's entirely too slow for me, but alas, I am too cheap to pay for expedited shipping, so there you have it.

Anyway, the bed came yesterday just as we were leaving for nap (ok, we don't actually "leave" we just go sit in teh car, but you get the idea). Chuckles says, "Big Brown Truck CAME." And I say, "And what did it bring?" and he either says, "Star Bed" or "Hot Dogs" depending on how he's feeling. Anyway, my plan was to set up the bed, let him play on it for a while, and then put him down for nap on it. Since it was nap time right then and I needed to cut the grass (and hencce did not want him anywhere he could escape and wander around the house), I was going to just put him in his crib, but he insisted we open the box and see what was inside, so I relented. We set the bed up, he played on it for a while, but the vinyl smell was atrocious, so we went to the car and he napped in his crib (for like 4 hours, so bonus there).

Anyway, the bed didn't smell too bad today after a night set up with the windows open and it all propped up with the ceiling fan on, so he's upstairs napping on it right now. And so far, so good, I guess. I have it wedged between the guest bed and the wall so if he does roll, he won't make it too far. If this keeps up, I might even review it on amazon with STARS. Oh, the blanket that comes with it is so cute. I mean, like kyoot.

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