Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dearest Comcast

Nothing personal agains tyou or anything, but we are not getting cable (or satellite TV). Nothing short of you giving it to me free is going to make me order pay TV. So, please, save your money, save my sanity, heck save the planet and STOP sending me a flyer, brochure, ad, or teaser every single day of the week.

Today's ad features a bundled package of Comcast Digital Cable and Internet for the (apparently) low, low price of $54.99 per month, for three months (how much it is after that, I cannot say, but $55 is already a lot of money and that's before taxes). This internet apparently features AlwaysOn (which according to the fine print is not a guarantee of reliability).

So, in an average day, I watch about an hour of TV, maybe 1-1/2. Times 30 days in an average month, so that's 45 hours. That's over one dollar per hour for TV. And right now, it's free. Huh. OK, so in an average day, I am on the internet about an hour, as well, again a dollar (it is not free. I pay $16 a month to AT&T for the DSL). So, all together, it'd be about 50 cents an hour for me to play. I don't think it's worth it.

So, Comcast....cease and desist already would you?

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