Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ewww, and also, Ick

This is disturbing on so many levels:

Actually, come to think of it, it's only really disturbing on one level. The one where everything is not about money. I have said time and time again that I am a thrifty gal. Ok, cheap. But really. Even I take umbrage at this reasoning. You have the emotional and physical wherewithal to do it, but you don't have a nice car or a big house. Don't bother with a nice car. Once you have a kid, your nice car will have graham cracker crumbs stuck to every surface with goat milk (or maybe that's just me). And you don't have a ncie house, shoot neither do I. My child spits ont eh couch to run his play trucks through a "car wash". You think I'm kidding, just ask me why my couch is wet. It sounds like these are young adults. Perhaps even college graduates. Employed, educated, me (except with jobs).

I can think of 50 ways to save up the money they think they need. The first one that comes to mind is getting married. If you just do the wedding thing with no reception (or just cake and punch in the church basement for 150), you get a shower and a wedding with gifts. So, let's do the math, and I won't even be too cheap about it.

Normal wedding dress with alterations: $300 (really, I swear, it can be done and nicely...think not a wedding dress but a nice bridemaids dress in white, cream, ecru, etc)
Tuxedo rental: $150
Photographers for 4 hours and pictures: $600
Flowers: $150 (bridal bouquet, bouten thing for the groom, flowers for moms)
Church rental: $150 (can use church organist or recorded music through sound system)
Mints/Favors/Jordan Almonds for the reception: $75
Cake: $600
Punch: $75
Champagne Toast: $450
Fruit or Cheese Tray as a nice touch: $100 (if you do it yourself from Costco or Sam's Club)
Total: $2650 (which actually sounds a little high, but is pretty close)

So, you invite 150, each guest gives $40, each couple gives $80 (many will give $100, but others less), that's $6000. So, you make about $3k on the deal. Parents give more, so you might even come out ahead if someone else is paying for the wedding. Then there are the showers, and baby showers and I think at the wedding people give you more money if you are expecting. And many parents will give you a few thousand for a house down payment (especially if there is the promise of grandbabies on teh way...not my parents, mind you, but some).

Or, suck it up and be the grown-ups you think you are.

Or they are just a bunch of liars and scam artists, whatever. Disgusting. Ouch my eyes. It hurts.

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