Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I lose

I have completely given up trying to get my child to nap ever again - OK probably not, but I have given up for today.

I have a wonderful neighbor. She is a mom to 4, granpmother to 9 and counting and soon to be great-grandmother and she was a pediatric nurse practioner. Chuckles was in rare cranky form this morning. He's usually very easy going. Really. I swear. I blamed his mood on my getting awakened at 6:38 this morning. We did our usual. We went to the park, etc. There were no kids at the park and he refused to get out the stroller. I finally dragged him out because I walked all the way here, we're going to have fun whether you like it or not dammit. Anyway, once out of the stroller, he wanted to leave RIGHT NOW. So, I told him he could help me push teh stroller home. No, he wanted IN the stroller. So he sat down in front of it so I couldn't move it. Eventually, I just threw him into the stroller. When we got home I told him we could swing on our new swing set and watch the roofers. He stayed in the stroller. I have very valid reasons for wanting him to run around and play. If he just sits, he won't be tired enough to take a nap (enter exhibit one). So, the wonderfully kind and caring neighbor sees that he is cranky and I have no more tactics for dealing with this and she comes over. He perks right up for her. She asks me if he is teething. Drooling non-stop - check. Hands shoved so far in his mouth you can read his wristwatch through his nose - check. Yes, he is. And it's keeping him from enjoying life. I dosed with tylenol and am just waiting for the EVIL MOLAR OF ALL RUIN to emerge from his tender, turgid gums. But nap is a bust today. What should I do?

I hope vacation doesn't go like this.

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