Thursday, June 21, 2007

I hate shallow things

OK, so I am shallow in a way, but I am very practical. And thrifty, errrr, cheap. I just read Bride's Top 10 Mistakes according to and I could vomit.

Crying Over Mismatched Linens - Do people do this? Do people even rent or buy linens? Doesn't that kind of come with the tables in the hall? Will anyone notice or care? Once upon a time back in the stone age (before silver shoes were de rigeur), I got dyed-to-match shoes for prom. And they weren't the right shade of blue. And I wore them. Twice. Did anyone notice? No, because my boobs were too fabulous and my feet are like 30 inches away from my dress. So, if the ink on your response card doesn't match your table linens, rest assured that everyone has already mailed in their response card and won't be sitting with it at the table, oh and the lighting in the hall will be poor, so who can tell?

Blowing Your Budget - They suggest, and I cannot even fathom this, that you take out a home equity loan or use a low interest credit card!!!!! How about scaling back the guest list, switching to an off-day of week, or changing from dinner to brunch? Or even, gasp, eloping? If you can't afford it, don't do it. I know it's very un-American of me, and heck, if we can't get ourselves into debt, then the terrorists have won, but I mean, really. A home equity loan? By god, no.

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