Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The New Swingset

I must tell you more about our new swingset. We bought it at giant, nationwide retailer who is known for their low, low prices. And they have a * in their name. Don't make me spell it out for you.

We bought the Tacoma II swing set. The website says 2 hours estimated set up time. The instructions that come in the box say "6 to 12 hours, depending on experience level" and it suggests an adult assemble it with an adult helper. That's 12 to 24 man-hours of work. 2 hours my arse.

Ours isn't completely done yet as some parts were missing, broke upon assembly or the part was a "bolt" but had no threads cut into it. We are currently at about 11 man-hours and we're most of the way there, but I cannot get the trapeze chain to slip onto the ring bolt. It just doesn't fit. I think I need the torch to soften the bolt, but that seems so extreme. The tool list on the instructions said that I needed a wrench, a socket set, a screwdriver, a power screwdriver, a drill w/ 3 bits, rubber mallet, hammer, tape measure, level, and a saw, but it didn't mention a torch anywhere. And what is the softening temperature of cheap metal anyway?

The website also says it weighs 177 lbs. That sounds about right. I'll buy that. It was heavy. The box was large. Somehow, it seemed less heavy when we were moving the whole assembled thing around to the back yard. Moving the box was heavier. Ah well. It's 85% done. When the company sends me all teh extra parts, we'll take it 50% apart and start over.

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