Thursday, June 21, 2007

From the same vein

So, I've already told you what I think about weddings and are my most useless baby items (in no particular order):

  1. Diaper Genie - A can with a lid works just fine, and with the number of diapers you throw out, it's no big deal to take it out daily. Really it will be full every day.
  2. Diaper Wipes Warmer - It's cold by the time you get it from the warmer to the bum anyway.
  3. Expensive strollers - My $60 stroller has hundreds of miles on it, literally. And it works great. It's a champion stroller. It's a little heavy, but it rocks the house. You do not need the eight-hundred dollar Bugaboo stroller. My first car cost less than that.
  4. Clothes in newborn size - My kid was over 8 lbs and 22" at birth and would never have been able to wear newborn clothes. In fact, we could not bring him home in the outfit my husband wore home from teh hospital because he was too big. Ditto 0-3 month sized clothes. He was out of them at 3 weeks, so they were a bit of a waste.
  5. Toys - I swear my child prefers pots, pans, tupeprware, dirt, and a comb to all the fancy schmancy toys you can buy. Except trucks. He's a sucker for trucks.
  6. Developmental toys and videos - They learn so much more from interacting with you. And you are a lot more fun.

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