Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best. Christmas. Ever.

A quick recap of Christmas...

Chuckles's best present from his Grandma and Grandpa: a tool box from Menards filled with small cars and trucks.
What Chuckles got in his stocking: two cars, a clementine, and a small block of cheese (traditions).

My two three favorite....presents: a gift cert for a massage, hub caps/covers (because I drive a ghetto-mobile that lost 3 of the four already....they just break off), and four packages of Pond's Clean Sweep Facial Cloths (I love them....they even clean make up off of the counter if you happen to spill it on your brand new counter/sink combo)

Husband: Simpson's movie (which I bought the day it came out), a remote controlled helicopter, a remote-controlled hovercraft and it truly was his best Christmas ever as he specifically mentioned that he received no clothes! And I got him a gift cert for a complete auto detail and hand wax job (which sounds dirty but it actually very clean)

Coolest present I got someone else: a key chain digital picture frame thing. Only like $25 at amazon and it holds 60 pictures and I preloaded it with pictures and charged the batteries so it was ready to roll on Christmas morning.

Most thoughtful present: I printed some Great-Grandpa pictures on my husband's side and framed them for my FIL side-by-side with pictures of Chuckles looking almost exactly the same. I think it almost brought tears to his eyes to see his dad side-by-side with his grandson (with their hats both cocked just so). And I did them all in black-and-white to make the comparison even better and put them in a black frame.

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