Saturday, December 01, 2007

I got up from the computer

Right after I wrote that last post, I got up from the computer, went to the bathroom and learned that I am definitely not pregnant. I saw red.

It turns out that my infertility comes in many different flavors and I am now the proud owner of a luteal phase defect. So, next cycle, I will supplement with progesterone for the second half.

But, as I mentioned I can no longer fill prescriptions at Walgreen's and it turns out Osco doesn't have a male compounding pharmacist on staff at my local store, so I have to go far. I will end up transferring this script to a local pharmacy affiliated with the hospital. But, whatever. Oh, why do they need a man? Female pharmacists cannot play with female hormones (or certain other medicines). I wonder if men are not allowed near some drugs.

So, I'm not pregnant, but I guess I never thought I was. But my husband was so disappointed. I just keep disappointing him in this department. Poor guy. He was so sad and kept telling me it wasn't too late. Poor guy.

So, I went to Lo-Mart today and got more pee on the strips to detect LH surge/ovulation. In case I happen to ovulate for a third straight month which would be a record, I guess for me.

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  1. I am sorry to hear this! I know how dissappointing it is.

    And they need a man to fulfill the perscription? Huh? What century are we living in? There must be some reason I just don't get...

    Hope you don't mind my hoping over here from Ask Moxie. I love your comments there, so I just have to start reading your blog!