Friday, December 28, 2007

Crafty is as Crafty Does

To celebrate my newfound fertility (you know, the semi-regular cycling kind), I offer you the following craft:

Maxi-Pad and Tampon Christmas Tree Angels
  1. Locate a maxipad with wings, preferably the extra-long overnight kind.
  2. Find a tampon. One with a white rip cord works best.
  3. Get a white, silver, gold, or sparkly pipe cleaner.
  4. On permanent marker.
  5. Remove tampon from wrapper and applicator, if present.
  6. Remove paper backing from pad (but not from wings).
  7. Fold wings out to the sides.
  8. Stick tampon to the pad using the adhesive strip.
  9. Use Tampon string to stick straight up (keep it straight up with the pipe cleaner).
  10. Fashion the end of the string and the pipe cleaner into a halo.
  11. Draw face on the tampon.
  12. You now have a be-haloed angel with wings and a smiling face.
  13. Ta-da. Hang on tree.
  14. Stand back and admire your craftiness.

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