Monday, December 24, 2007

Positive but Negative

Merry Christmas (or Happy December 24th, if you don't celebrate this particular holiday). I am filled with Tidings of Comfort and Joy. I am not, however, filled with future life. I took the test this morning and rarely have I seen a hpt so resoundingly negative. And that's OK. If the worst thing that ever happens to me in this life is that I raise Chuckles as my one and only child, then life is good. And thinking that thought actually makes me tear up. He really is that good. Apparently, I can tear up at the drop of a hat. But c'mon, Peter came home for Christmas to surprise his mom AND made the coffee.

So, anyway, that's where we are. And to celebrate my barrenness, I had three glasses of champagne with brunch. Joy to the World.

Most of the family (both sides) came over for brunch today. I made my easy and famous French Toast casserole (which had some odd spots of not-tasty in it this time). There was coffee and egg nog and champagne and orange juice and milk for the kiddies and cookies and casserole and Denver omelette casserole and we opened some presents. Everyone got one present (except Chuckles who got 3 pairs of shoes, one outfit, some Cars stuff and some trucks!) to open (and one present which required adult assembly and then just shot marbles at us all but that was fun too). And it was laid-back and fun and not at all annoying as some holidays are.

Have I given a strenuous reccommendation for Ann Douglas's the mother of all pregnancy books? If not, I am doing so now. I am reading and re-reading the sections on "your pre-game plan", "sperm, meet egg", and "missed conceptions". Fascinating stuff. Really stellar.

Oh fascinating nugget: women with short follicular phases tend to have boys and those with long follicular phases have girls. So you are ever-so-sligthly more likely to have a boy if you ovulate before Day 14 and ever-so-slightly more likely to have a girl if you ovulate after Day 14. Now, those four or five times in my life I have ever ovulated were all after Day 14, and I have a son, so take this info with a large grain of ever-so-slightly salt.

And PS - Yes, I might in fact be drunk-blogging...maybe tipsy blogging is more accurate.


  1. Sorry about your results. That sucks.

    Glad you had a good holiday though! And tipsy-blogging is fun to read!

  2. Oh, I meant to say that I love The Mother of All Pregnancy Books! I always recommend it.