Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bodily Fluids

Warning: Do not read this post if you are squeamish or eating.

During the previous 24 hours, I have cleaned up the following fluids:
  • pee (dripped off of small one as he spun around after peeing on the potty)
  • poop (same small person had a very loose bowel movement that...well, I'm sure you can imagine)
  • Spittle (small person learned how to make "zerpies" at know, zerpies, like razzberries but without my belly involved)
  • snot (for the love of god, don't wipe your nose on the couch, use your sleeve or a tissue)
  • vomit (good morning, mommy, cough-cough-bleck)
  • and blood (after my shower, I was toweling off and icked on the floor)

I know I am lucky and everyting to have my husband (whom I love once again) and my son (who is my sole reason for carrying on every day), but some days, I'd like a maid.

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