Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun with Science

OK, so I mentioned that I have little pee sticks upon which I, obviously, pee. Every day. To detect ovulation (which part of me highly suspects I do not do, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding).

Here is my OPK journal for this cycle. I had, ahem, marital relations with my husband on cycle days CD16, CD18, CD19, and CD20. I started progesterone supplementation on CD20 PM. I ruined my plastic party tumbler on CD21 in the morning when the greasiness from the progesterone got on it and WOULD NOT WASH OFF. I think I had a surge for too many days. THat just doesn't seem quite normal to me. Peeonastick says that this is pretty unusual, although not impossible. I trust the internets. These women have vast peeing experience which I must exploit.

So, here, for your viewing pleasure is my cycle in full-color...

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