Saturday, December 08, 2007

Things That Make Me Angry: Part 82

  • Traffic
  • People who think Christmas is about the gifts
  • Traffic
  • Black Ice
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Cloudy Skies
  • My insurance, which is actually quite good, did not cover my prescription, which was filled at a totally far pharmacy because (A) Walgreen's in not on my insurance any longer and (B) that's a moot point because they don't carry it at any of my local Walgreen's anyway.
  • The prescription for which I paid cash shorted me one bullet. Perhaps my math is wrong, but "insert one vaginal suppository on cycles days 20 through 28" tells me that I need 9 bullets to complete that action. I received 8. So, I paid $30 for 8 suppositories of a drug (progesterone) I know is not expensive. That's almost $4 per day I will be paying for this. And no, honestly $30 is not a ton of money, but if it takes us an average length of time to get pregnant, which according to Ann Douglas's The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, which is like the Bible would be to me if I were christian, is 6.7 to 10 months in the early 30s, then we are looking at, perhaps, $300 in drugs, assuming we don't even need anything other than the progesterone, which when I think about it is not bloody likely.
  • I will call the insurance tomorrow to find out whether I need to mail order this, because even if I do get pregnant, I will be on supplemental progesterone until week 13 or 14 because if you need it to get pregnant, you need it to stay pregnant according to my awesome Nurse.

I will now recreate the chart in the book because it's good:

Odds that you will conceive any given month

(1)early 20s: 20-25%, (2)Late 20s: 15-20%, (3)Early 30s: 10-15%, (4)Late 30s: 8.3-10%

Average # of months it takes to conceive:

1: 1-5 months, 2: 5-6.7 mos, 3: 6.7-10 mos, 4: 10-12 mos

% of people who are pregnant within a year

1: 93-97%, 2: 86-93%, 3: 72-86%, 4: 65-72%

Last time I had a baby, I was in my late 20s. It took me 13 months (7 cycles with help). It looks like I'm on the wrong end of the stats, here. And my chances are apparently worse now. Although with two months of spontaneous ovulation, things actually look up. I continue to pee on sticks every day. There is a line starting to form, but considering its already Cycle Day 11, it's still pretty light. I think I ovulated on CD17 to 21, the last two months, so I have plenty of time (and plenty of little pee sticks left).

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  1. If you haven't taken progesterone before, let me just warn you: wear pantiliners. Trust me.