Monday, December 10, 2007

Why was my prescription not covered?

Uhhhh, because my insurance apparently doesn't cover anything vaguely related to reproductive health for women. I called the prescription drug coverage people today and they do not cover custom-compounded progesterone suppositories. And as long as I had the very-helpful woman on the phone, I asked a bunch more questions.
For the record, here is my coverage:
  • Progesterone suppositories - not covered
  • Progesterone gel (Crinone) - not covered
  • Progesterone in oil - covered but still quite expensive (basically the copay is as much as me paying cash for the suppositories)
  • Clomid (clomiphene citrate) - not covered
  • Estrace (estrogen) - not covered
  • hCG (pregnyl, profasi) - not covered

That's the basic cocktail I took for the seven months leading up to me getting pregnant with Chuckles. Well, except that I stayed on progesterone for 14 weeks. Ahh, good times, good times. Only back then, I had excellent coverage that covered everything with a reasonable copay.

I will be upping my HCRA for next year, I guess. And I suppose if it comes down to it, I'll need to pay cash for all the monitoring and ultrasounds and everything and I think I am feeling ill just thinking about shelling out that much money.

Oh, and I did do some comparison pricing at and Even if you don't need ivf, ivfmeds has very reasonable pricing on all kinds of fertility drugs. But, my sister lives near the Mexican border, so I'm sure she could come up with something for me. She got some birth control pills there once (and hey I didn't get pregnant, so they must have been fine....oh wait, that's right, I'm infertile).

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