Monday, December 10, 2007

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The weather is calling for sleet, freezing rain, slush, ice, and frozen fog (which is FUN).

I can hardly wait.

Last week we had weather. Lots of weather. Six Inches of Snow one morning and black ice the next. And wow, am I really going through this intersection at 5 mph sideways? Whee. Did my 12 mile commute actually take me over an hour two days last week? Yes, yes it did. Was it really only 5 deg-F one morning? Yes, yes it was.

Sunday morning, the driveway was a sheet of ice. Slippery andfun. I went for a little slide down to the sidewalk, but had some trouble getting back to the top. We had to take a running start in the car.

So, Mr. Long-Suffering, who for the record really does not get to have much fun, decided to put EnergetiCat on the driveway and see what she'd do. Well, she put her claws out, got traction and hopped into the snow-covered bushes. Now that's fun! We got her back and she's fine, but I think we cured her of her escapist tendencies...for a little while at least.

A few hours later, Mr. L-S decided to play with KleptomaniaCat and the laser pointer. I really enjoyed when she started climbing the wall trying to get the red dot.

Oh, why is she KleptomaniaCat? Because she takes things out of the basement (off of L-S's tool bench) and scatters them around the house. I found conduit connectors in teh upstairs bathroom, cable ties in the nursery and wire nuts in the kitchen.

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