Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Personal is Political

So, from time-to-time, I cover the Presidential Race. I've looked at Hillary, Guiliani, Thompson, Huckabee, I think Romney, and Kucinich. Or maybe I didn't cover Kucinich. Maybe the Weekly World Alien News Service covered him. Hard to remember. Anyway, today we'll look at two long-shot candidates. Ron Paul and Richardson (who is such a long-shot I need to google his name to get the first name. I'll do him second).

Ron Paul - Ran as a Libertarian a few years back. I'm a closet Libertarian, so already I like him. Although, I do tend to be a little Hawkish on foreign policy and he is non-interventionist. He's OK. He's pro-low tax (Yipee) and pro-business (woo hoo) and anti-federal government and anti-nationalized health care (I mean, do you think our Federal Government would insure my infertility better than my private insurance?...I think not...unless powerful big interest were involved...because you know, embryos are involved in some of this stuff), pro-home schooling (I love home schooling), pro-Life (but doesn't want to legislate it), but he's anti-war (I mean, we all are anti-war, but he's anti-this war and while I'm not exactly pro-war, we're there and we can't just leave, the surge is working, so we need to stay the course, the soldiers on the ground overwhelmingly feel like they're doing good work). So, all-in-all, Ron Paul gets a thumbs-up from me. He has a snowball's chance though. Maybe someone will pick him to run as the VP.

Bill Richardson - One of the issues in his platform (they all have little ISSUES menus where you can go and find out their actual position on an issue) is LGBT which is pretty neat. I haven't seen that as an issue on anyone else's official campaign website. For the record, he is pro-rights for LGBT persons. Oh by the way, Bill RIchardson is a minority. He's Hispanic. Apparently, people forget that when Obama is in the room. 'Hey, I'm an underrepresented minority over here.' He's from New Mexico and a Democrat. He wants to uphold Roe v. Wade. He's on the side of America's working families (this sentence makes me laugh because i want to see the candidate who proclaims that he (or she) is NOT on the side of America's working families and is firmly and squarely in the pocket of big business or Big Pharma). He also has a Issue called Darfur. He's anti-genocide. I don't like him though because he raised the minimum wage while governor of NM. I am anti-minimum wage. I believe that a job pays what a job is worth. I'm funny like that. And when he talks about education, he talks about working hard ofr teachers. SHouldn't he really be working hard for students and not beholden to the teachers' unions? He's also anti-Bankruptcy reform. I'm not. I'm harsh like that. I guess that's why he's a democrat and I am a Libertarian.

I urge you to go out and research your favorite candidates. It's quite easy. They all have webpages with Issues Links and you can find your favorite issue and research who has the best positions for you.

Check our Kucinich, he's wacky.

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