Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blah Blah Blah My Kid is a Genius Blah Blah Blah

  1. Shoppy: For those wondering, the cute bath towel came from Lands End, I think. It was a gift so I am not sure and I am way too lazy to stand up, go up the stairs and find out for sure. Either way, if you click the link to Lands End you will see cute towels.
  2. The murder at a day care is one of the worst things that I can imagine. You know, I have been trying not to judge. I have tried. It was my thing for Lent and my thing for New Year's but sometimes you just want some people to rot.
  3. This Tuesday is Super Duper Tuesday. If you live in a primary state, go out and vote. I don't really care who your candidate of choice is. Reasonable people can disagree, but make your voice heard.
  4. No news on the fertility front. I insert bullets and I hope. Beyond that, there is not much I can do. I think about it. That's about it. I did ask someone today who is a NFP (natural family planning) instructor who uses couple-based fertility awareness methods (symptothermal) what he thought. He just shook his head and said "that can't happen". Pretty funny. My CD25 ovulation with a menses on CD33 boggles his mind. He knows his stuff though. He suggested I fix the underlying problem. Crazy, I know. Wish I knew what the true root cause was.
  5. So, I got a new job. Same company. Very mixed feelings. I've only been on my job 5 months and I am finally starting to make some headway. There is no one to replace me so any good work I have done will be lost. It's the job I wanted when I signed on with this company, so that's great. I may actually receive some training in my new job which will be super-fab. There will be someone to take over parts of my job, so that's cool. Most people think it's a promotion and congratulate me. My co-worker, whom I like, has been trying to get out of our department for a year. I haven't told him I got out yet. That will be awkward. I went to find him tonight but he was gone already. There are many other people I have not told yet. Very awkward.
  6. Julia's baby duaghter (of b/g twins) is in the hospital. Wish some luck.
  7. Chuckles has started word recognition. It's not reading, yet. But we're getting close. He can spell and recognize several words and we're adding new ones all the time.
  8. Today Chuckles told me that he took a bus twice yesterday (meaning some time in the indeterminate past) and then he told me the specific times and he was correct in all the non-time related details. Smart kid.
  9. Chuckles had pizza for dinner, kept his pants dry all day, sang me a song, and went to bed without fuss (in his Big Boy Bed). Can you tell he had a nap?

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  1. I will check out Land's End--thanks!

    Chuckles is a supergenius!!!

    Congrats on the new job... I think. :-)