Tuesday, January 01, 2008

That's what I thought

Last cycle, I had only talked to the medical assistant who phoned in the script for my progesterone. Although, I did call back twice because the instructions made no sense to me. But, I mostly followed them, although my 4-day surge had me confused and then I was still surging but CD20 came and I was to start the progesterone, so I stopped having sex and well, here I sit not pregnant.

As her last act of 2007, my very excellent nurse practitioner (who handled all my infertility stuff with Chuckles) called me personally Monday night and I told her not pregnant, plan for this month and she said keep it same, and I said that it made no sense and we went over it and she was all like "oh, that's not right" and "no, not like that". So once it was clear to all parties that I do not ovulate on CD14 like a textbook, she left it up to me to decide when I ovulated and to start progesterone 7 days later. And with a four-day surge, it's the last day that counts, but you don't know it's the last day until the next day so you have to treat every surge day like it's the last and just have a lot of romantic encounters. So, there's that too. And I felt better. Like I was getting medical care tailored to my actual body. But then, after I got off the phone, I remembered that there is a very real possibility that I will start my period before the 7 days to progesterone are up. So, I am going to start progesterone 4 days after the end of my surge at the suggestion of a friend and just figure it out on my own. I've always said that I am every bit as smart as a doctor. I just need someone to write the scripts and order the blood draws. So, that is this month's plan. It feels good to have a plan.

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  1. I'm with you. Some of us women know more about our bodies and the whole fertility cycle than a lot of doctors! I think your plan sounds perfect for you. Good luck!