Thursday, January 17, 2008


I bought the fertility monitor sticks from amazon. They had a good price and the reviews said amazon had the best non-ebay price, so I bought them. They should be here by my next cycle.

The ewcm continues but there was still no surge this morning. Maybe tomorrow. I thought about testing tonight when I got home from work, but I only have one stick left. That's 16 used so far this month. Egad. I have to buy more tomorrow because I have instructions to test until the surge fades and I don't even have a surge yet, so I need at least two more and I only have one. Am I really going to ovulate on CD25 or something totally crazy like that????

Because I am sure there wouldn't be all this smoke without an impending fire, I had marital relations with my husband tonight. Our child fell asleep in the car on the way home from school (no nap, again). So we had some free time. It was nice. I miss him sometimes.

I went to the compounding pharmacy on my way home from work. I hate all compounding pharmacies. They can take their progesterone suppositories and shove them up their you-know-wheres.

That is all.

PS- I am doing laundry right now and I love the washer. Love it.

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