Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Fertility Stuff as well as Random Thoughts

I surged, I bedded my man, I started progesterone supplementation and I just bet I get pregnant this month because I did every thing wrong. I went on roller coasters, carnival rides, water slides, I drank liquor, I used artifical lubricants not recommended for ttc couples, I ate unpasteurized cheese, I've had cold cuts and bacon, and today I had an enormous mug of regular coffee. I cannot live like "what if I get pregnant this month?" for a another year so I am going to live like I always do - relatively clean with my own private vices.

And my fertility monitor came from the ebay seller (maybe I'll need it, maybe I won't). I ordered the sticks from amazon who says they are back-ordered but today they said they've shipped so I don't know what's up there. Either way, I am fine. They sell those sticks at every drug store, albeit for slightly more moolah.

It's snowing and plows are loud. My baby has occassionally started sleeping in his big boy bed (no rush...he picks where he sleeps), but last night I caught him wandering around our house at 4 am (the Man of the House returned child to his bed without fuss). Oh, and I love my washer. You want my washer, don't you?

Hope you are well. It's way too late, so I'm off to bed alone (Man of the House is working very late).

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  1. Good for you, living like normal. And good luck this cycle!