Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why everything is OK

  1. My washing machine went on 20% off sale at Sears Appliance, so I headed over there and they credited my Discover card with the difference (plus the tax on the difference). Woo Hoo.
  2. I painted the downstairs bathroom ceiling (the ceiling I had plastered a couple of weeks back), so of course I will fall pregnant and then wonder whether the paint has harmed the fetus.
  3. After the bizarre incident, I discovered that I only have one set of sheets and one waterproof mattress cover for Chuckles's Big Boy Bed (which is the default bed of choice most of the time now), so we headed out to Lo*Mart this morning to get some sheets. He wanted "khaki" sheets which are just boring beige 200-threat count 100% cotton sheets. No cars, no stripes, no Spiderman, nothing. Beige.

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