Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Today is Cycle Day 14 and if I were a textbook, I would be ovulating. But, I am not a textbook, so I am sitting here blogging instead of upstairs having procreative relations.

When I last googled "long follicular phase", one of the questions that kept coming up on message boards was somthing like 'does this mean I'll have a harder time getting pregnant'. The answer was 'no, but it might take you longer just because you have fewer chances because your overall cycle is bound to be longer'. So, now you know. A woman with a 28 day cycle, ovulates about 13 times per year. A woman with a 35-day cycle ovulates about 10x/yr. So, in a year, she has three fewer chances. And if you happen to be a woman with a 23-day cycle, you have 15-16 chances per year (and a lot less standing around twiddling your tumbs...of course twiddling your thumbs is not how you get pregnant so are you sure you're doing it right?).

I recently read that there are a lot of reasons for a long follicular phase including: delayed emergence of a dominant follicle, demise and replacement of a dominant follicle, delayed follicular recruitment, a prolonged initial drop in oestrogen and an extended oestrogen peak. If I had to guess, I would say I am either delayed recruitment or demise and replacement. Very interesting and if I ever win a fertility monitor, I will know more and be all powerful and take over the world.

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