Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Husband Loves Me Because....

I am really good at finish carpentry. Our downstairs bathroom has been in various states of "torn apart" for the last few months. Today I got the go ahead to do the plaster work. I am between coats right now waiting for it to dry. And I'm wearing safety glasses. I rock.

I found some flexible, paintable caulk to do some repair work where there were some cracks caused 40 years ago by water damage. I am so excited. If this stuff works, I am using it on all sorts of things. I have a lot of settling cracks and as the house heaves and expands and contracts again, every crack repair cracks again. If I can use a flexible product, maybe it can hold up to the cycles. I am so excited. And a big dork.

1 comment:

  1. You rock! I love to do carpentry and fix stuff. It's fun! For a while, I got into refinishing furniture, which was very cool.