Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Someone Really Smart Invented the Indoor Waterpark

I have a million little stories I want to tell you about how great it was at the waterpark. We went Sunday to Monday.

The stories range from Chuckles waking up Monday morning and asking if he could go to a waterpark and me getting to say "yes" to Mr. Long-Suffering playing with the thermostat and finding the water softener and flicking every switch in the whole place (and eventually finding one that turned on the fireplace...hey I was surging) to me taking a nice long soak in the tub and sleeping until the sinfully late hour of 7:45 on Monday. And Chuckles yelling "NO thank you" in a Utica diner and every old man in the place trying to hold back uproarious laughter because he was both so defiant and so polite.

Chuckles really got the hang of it. It took him about an hour both days to warm up to the idea of swimming and water slides but once he did he was like a streak from the slide to the wave pool to the "warm pool" (aka kiddie pool) to the other slide to the lazy river to the climbing water dump thing. He even stopped to tell me potty and hungry. I don't think he'd ever mentioned hungry before. When we left on Monday afternoon, he was asleep in the car before we were out of the parking lot, slept the whole way home, let us take him out and put him to bed and slept another couple of hours. He woke up at 6 pm, had dinner and was back in bed by 8. I guess we tired him out a bit. Then on Tuesday, he regaled his teacher with stories of water slides.

And did I mention that they have a liquor bar right there in the water park so mommies and daddies can have a frozen drink while supervising their spawn? Well, they do and the Hurricane was good, if a little strong. The Strawberry something was good too. And a big smooch to the guy at the arcade ticket counter who warned me that the camouflage thing was a whistle and really high-pitched. So, we got a yellow plastic 2-cent dinosaur that the boy adores.

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