Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fertility Stuff

No peak on the sticks yet. I'm the high bidder on two fertility monitors (I promise to find a good home for the secon one if I win both). I'm noticing some ewcm, so I guess something will happen in a day or two. Wouldn't that be crazy if I ovulated again, for like the 4th month in a row? Crazy.

Did you know that if this doesn't work, there is a fertility clinic 4 blocks from my house? And if that doesn't work, I will never have another child because my husband vehemently opposes adoption for us. I think if we hadn't had CHuckles I would be a lot more insistent about adoption, but since we already have a child, I am way more laid back. We have a lot of relatives who have adopted (domestic open and international) and a few who decided to live child-free after years of trying, so we've seen it go all ways. At least he knows his limits. The man cannot adopt and cannot do finish carpentry.

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  1. Good luck winning the fertility monitors! I just charted using the ewcm and basil body temps. You know about Taking Charge of Your Fertility and ovusoft (, right? That's what I did--not that it helped us, considering we had unexplained infertility, but the charting did help us realize that.