Tuesday, January 15, 2008


According to my ovulation predictor sticks, I am not yet in an LH surge. However, basing it on the amount of ewcm I have, well, let's say I sm sure something is about to happen. "They" always say you shouldn't use your first morning urine for the OPKs, but really, when else do I have 30 seconds to myself where I haven't been drinking for 2 hours to do this? I guess I could do it at work, but then I run the risk of someone finding out. I think I will go pee on one right now (thus wasting $1.50 but whatevs). Did I ever tell you that prior to Chuckles I charted my BBT and discovered I was anovulatory? Well, I did and I was. Here I sit mostly ovulating some months and whoa! I am incapable of BBT charting this time because I often get out of bed (and I think I have had a cold for two months now and occasional fevers...must call doctor tomorrow about the lesions on my tonsils...those are sexy, right?). And I think the pee on them sticks, while more expensive, are more accurate.

Speaking of ovulation, I WON THE FERTILITY MONITOR. I know I said I wasn't going to pay a lot for this muffler, but I got caught up in winning and I paid a little over $50, but retail is between $200 and $300 so a good deal really. The sticks for it are expensive too so I guess I'll try to ebay those. Or drugstore.com or something. I must see who is cheapest and reliable and whatnot.

What else? I love my new washer. If it wouldn't require moving to Massachusetts, I would marry my new washer. The boy and I just sat there watching the laundry tumble on Sunday. And the clothes were surprisingly wrinkle-free after the dryer considering how twisted and mangled they were coming out of the washer. About the soap....H/E detergent. High Efficiency laundry soap. I bought some to have on hand for the first few loads. But, I think it's just low-sudsing detergent. I have over 500 ounces of regular laundry detergent in the house right now, so no chance I won't use it, but if I remember my chemistry correctly, I think you can add one tablespoon of liquid fabric softener to the soap per load to keep the sudsing down. Now I have to google this. Google fails me. I know you do not want suds in your front washer but I cannot figure out whether fabric softener will do the trick. I have 32 loads until I am out of he soap to decide.

The bathroom ceiling is done. I just need to paint it now to make sure it's smooth as a baby's bottom. High gloss white bathroom paint. Woo Hoo. And the walls, when I actually do them, will be chocolate colored. With white procelain toilet and pedestal sink and chromed accents. Am so excited by my domesticity.

And a very bad thing happened at work. I work in heavy industrial manufacturing. I see flames shooting out of stuff on a daily basis. We have big equipment with scary tires and clanky noises and booming and vibrations and sirens and blinking lights. Someone was killed. A kid really. Only 22. And his dad works there too and saw him and talked to him right before the accident and the dad heard the call for paramedics and everything come over the radio and was on the scene in a flash. Hug your family a little tighter tonight and have a kind thought for the family. And for the man who accidentally killed him. According to the preliminary investigation, no one did anything really wrong. It was a tragic accident. Tragic.

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