Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Day Big Day

I got my profit sharing bonus today. Now, keep in mind I've only been working for six weeks and I have only been working 24 hours per week, but my bonus was $150. So, like when I really work and stuff, I imagine these bonuses can get rather large. In fact, I have heard some people talk about how much was taken out of their bonuses in taxes (about $8,000), so by my crude math, I figure teh bonuses are often in excess of $15,000. That's some real change. I look forward to learning if that is true.

In fact, in case anyone was wondering why I took a pay cut and am living apart from my family and relocating and ruining Christmas (for the second consecutive year), the promise of a large bonus someday is the reason. A bonus like that could send Chuckles to summer fractions camp or community college or, heck, rehab (should the need arise) or therapy if he needs to work through why he hates his mother (or loves her).

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