Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My work Christmas party...

was a lot of fun. I did not over-indulge in anything (food or drink-wise), but still was a lot of fun. The food and drink was phenomenal. I will now run-down what was for dinner...

Open bar with good liquor (funny story....I went to order Mr. L-S a 7&7 and the bartender apologized because she didn't have Seagram's 7...she only had Crown Royale for me, darn). I had a glass of fabulous carbernet to hold whilst I mingled with the muckity mucks.

There was an appetizer bar with cheese, crackers, and veggies. Then a mixed greens salad and rolls & butter...so far standard fare.

Then there was a casserole buffet with green bean almondine, turkey dressing, and some kind of broccolli.
Then there was a mashed potato bar with garlic mashed, regular mashed, and sweet potato mashed. They had stuff to put on the potatoes, like gravy, sour cream, chives, and shredded bacon, butter with cinnamon and brown sugar, etc.

Then there was a carved meat bar. They had prime rib with various grated and prepared horseradishes, mustards and au jus. There was also a woman carving turkeys.

Then there was a seafood bar with a mountain of shrimp and various cocktails sauces, a pasta with shrimp, scallops, lobster, and mussels. Then there was crabcakes with a sauce of some tasty sort and a lobster/seafood chowder/bisque soup thing that was very tasty.

And then, there was a coffee bar. They had regular, decaf, hot cocoa, and something else. There were marshamllows and whipped cream to dress them up. And if that wasn't enough, there was an assortment of coffee-related boozes (whiskey, kahlua, bailey's, kamora, etc) to spice things up.

Then, there was the dessert bar. It had mini-pastries, an assortment of Christmas cookies, fruit tarts, and choclate pies and cakes, and lastly, there was a chocolate fountain. Oh yes. There was molten chocolate and an assortment of things to dip (bananas, strawberries, rice crispy treats, pretzels, oreos, wafer cookies, brownies, shortbread, etc). I think many a person would be in heaven to choclate coat their dinner and eat it.

The bar continued to be open throught the entire thing.

And about an hour later, they brought out a sandwich buffet in case you were still hungry. Oh man. My new work sure does know how to throw a party. There was a band playing (not the best...a DJ would have been better, if a little less classy).

Mr. L-S was treated to a rare night in a hotel in a resort city with his wife who seduced him by wearing one of the many pieces of lingerie she owns but ignores (oh, and with the open bar I may have gotten him a bit drunk too). Funny quote: Sunday morning after the party (but before the Christening), the mister asked me why I always take him on vacation during the off-season. To avoid the crowds, silly.

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