Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How the Christening went (including what I wore)

The Christening was lovely. My nephew did a great job and didn't cry at all. However, during the annointing with oil, Chuckles threw up on me (and my brand-new silk dress). I caught most of the vomit in his bue bankie (special lovey blanket) and ran from the church. We got cleaned up and back inside before the end of the ceremony. All was well.

So, about my dress...it was a purple/eggplant color with oval of black and cream and another shade of purple. It was a sheer silk over a purple silk slip. It was vomited upon, had tomatoes smeared into it and it ripped on the shoulder. It was $15 from Marshall's, so all-in-all, I guess it's OK that it was disposable. I am going to try to return it because it ripped for no apparent reason other than the seam pulled it. Do you think they'll take it back? Is it even worth trying?

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