Friday, December 22, 2006

Goat Milk

I got some goat milk to confirm to myself that it is, in fact, the casein in milk that causes Chuckles such discomfort. Our pediatrician did not want to do allergy testing (arsehole), so I am doing my own testing here at home on my son.
I got the goat milk at the local supermercado. Meijer was all out of goat milk (and goat milk nog and soy nog, for that matter....who knew?). Anyway, got the goat milk and it comes in a paper carton like orange juice with an "easy pour spout" except it's not easy. On the OJ, you peel back a tab and pour. On this milk, you needed to push the spout down (all the way down for some distance) so that it would seat before you pout it. So let's just say I got some on the counter and on me. Now I smell like goat. Oh, and it's whole milk and it's not homogenized so there was a big ole cream layer at the top. Cool.

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