Friday, December 22, 2006

Presents galore

The presents have been arriving by the UPS-truck load from out-of-town relatives. Chuckles has received quite the bounty. He got a very cute Elmo tool pouch that he has been wearing basically non-stop since last night. I got it off of him for bath and bed, though. Very resourceful mommy.

Some people have adhered to my philosphy of toys and gifts. Some have not. I already have a few things that need to go back. Also, for all of you out there who do not have chicldren living in your homes but who buy for's a tip: pay attention to the ages on the package; they are pretty accurate. Chuckles may be a boy genius, but he still hits me over the head with the train trck pieces, so if the toy is for 3+, don't give it to an 18-month old unless you want his parents to hate you or put the toy away for a while.

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