Friday, December 01, 2006


I went to Macy's today. We just got them in Chicago. They bought my much-beloved Marshall Field's. So, I went there because I had one last MF gift card and I wasn't sure how long they'd honor them. I'm unimpressed though. MF always had a huge Christmas tree in the basement and you could get all these beautiful ornaments (with CHicago themes) in their trim-a-tree department and Frango mints at every register. No such things at Macy's. They were pushing hard for me to open a Macy's charge and that just pisses me off too.
Oh, and the mall I visited is in the rather-serious ghetto (armed robbery in broad daylight, anyone). I took Chuckles. We do not have a death wish. I just figured since it was a mild blizzard out, I'd be able to push a robber or attacker away and he'd slip on the ice and fall. All told, I got there at 10:03 and I was out of the parking lot by 10:30. Macy's, I'm not fan (plus only communists have red stars, and dangit, we're Americans...see our Christmas cookies for proof).

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