Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ladies who Dine

Went to dinner with Jenn on Monday. We met at the Cheesecake Factory after work. I got there first and got us a table across from the cutest baby in the world who is not my son. By the time Jenn rolled in from her monster commute, I was one cocktail into it. But, let's just say that was a freebie. It was cold, and I ordered hard coffee. I was tired and needed the caffeine. So, Irish Coffee it was.

I had avocado egg rolls followed by classic strawberry cheesecake. Jenn could not make up her frickin' mind as to what to order since they removed her much-beloved chicken Oscar sandwich from the menu. I didn't mind though, as her company was sparkling. Like champagne. She had a glass of Cheesecake Factory signature Robert Mondavi Carbernet Sauvignon, which I convinced her to try. SHe never did say if it was good.

We went to the Coach purse and accessories store (they now sell over-priced dog collars as well). I picked up a catalogue for a guy at work. I told him to throw it on the seat in his car to throw his wife off the trail of the mp3 player he got her. She might be awfully disappointed CHristmas morning then though.

Jenn and I had a great, if short, time together. Isn't it always a good time when someone loses her clothes (me, of course...Jenn was kind enough not to offer me anything to help clothe me, but heck, what can I expect when I lose clothes in a restaurant?).

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