Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's for Dinner

I'm about a week behind in telling you what I had for dinner, so here goes as best is my recollection.
Wednesday: cold fried chicken that was warmed by my own white-hot rage (rage is now gone...I was a big person and told Mr. L-S what I needed from him in a calm and non-threatening way and now he is giving it to me....oh, I so hate being adult)
Thursday: Hardee's
Friday: Amazingly wonderful Hibachi at a Japanese steakhouse with saki, edamame, squid salad, filet, shrimp, scallops, garlic, and good company (hello Carly, long time no see)...dinner for three was only about $70 and there were three filets of mignon served along with six shrimp and a bunch of scallops.
Saturday: salad from some Italian-themed fast food restaurant
Sunday: baked fussili pasta with sausage and a bottle of cabernet
Monday: chicken with cannelini beans and wilted spinach (and if you know me you will also know that I am completely incapable of following a recipe to the letter, so let's just say I used that recipe, but I added chicken and used brown rice instead of orichette)
Tuesday: brocolli & chicken

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