Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hello Open Enrollment

I have to choose health plans. Should I choose

A. A low-priced catastrophic plan that doesn't cover much but is very inexpensive (not good with a toddler, scratch this).

B. A moderately priced plan with no deductible and co-pays for everything but you must stay in network and infertility is not covered.

C. The highest priced plan, with a deductible, which covers everything but only at 80% (and that's after the deductible) and you still have to stay in-network.

I'm leaning toward B right now since I am not sure I want another baby and probably not in 2007, so I can alwys switch next year. About the network though. I don't know any doctors here, so I guess I could just pick off of the network, but what if I get a disease and want to see a specialist?

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