Thursday, March 01, 2007

3 vignettes from day 3

  1. Chuckles and I practiced numbers by counting pantyliners. What's not fun about counting with "stickers"?
  2. Chuckles and I went to Target and we were walking teh main aisle. In a voice normally reserved for announcing the presence of a truck or bus, Chuckles points and says, "BRA!!!!"
  3. I keep little tubes of hand lotion on the night stand to put on right before bed to keep my hands silky smooth. I also keep a tube of petroleum jelly there to put on CHuckles's cheeks after bath since he has eczema. He saw the tube of petroleum jelly and announced, "Cheeks", so I let him play while I put away laundry. Imagine my horror when I turned back around and saw my baby's cheeks covered in, ahem, personal lubricant. It's water-based though, so I am sure it's fine.

1 comment:

  1. so, i stumbled in to your site, and was so happy to see intelligent humor, so i will prob be back, so like, see ya...