Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have a few weaknesses (OK, not a few, many and I will list them here):
  • Back to Nature chocolate and mint sandwich cookies. They are like a frickin' Thin Mint Oreo. When they are in stock, you can buy them on amazon.
  • Saving margarine tubs. I always think they will come in handy, and I am not the only one saving them because they have started printing the tubs and lids with little patterns so they will be pretty when you save them, but I can't imagine a scenario where having the pattern on there would make you buy that brand, "Henry, get the Imperial. It has little blue baskets and flowers that will match our Corelle perfectly." So, I think I save the margarine tubs should Chuckles ever need to mix a small batch of plaster of paris or take up watercoloring. Speaking of which, do kids start by painting outside, because it seems messy? Do you tape the paper to the ground? I went to Menard's and looked for 3M tape for "taping paper to the ground", but I didn't find it. I know it must exist because back in the Pleistocene Era when I was in college, people used to tape brightly colored fliers advertising the latest Sudoku. It's like crack. It's cutting into my blogging.
  • Goodwill - They have some good stuff, and it's like a treasure hunt. I bought 8 Little Golden Books there yesterday, two 3T Disney Store shirts, and 3 Hanes T-shirts (brand new) and spent about $10. Target sends their stuff there to be sold after they have tried putting it on Clearance. They had snow boots for boys, but they didn't have Chuckles's size for next winter, or I would have bought those too. Mr. Long-Suffering thinks my penny pinching is endearing and was excited about the snow boot find since Chuckles never did get boots this winter because I refused to pay $30 for boots. Must look at ebay in August. Sure, some of the prices on things at Goodwill are a little high for used things, but every week they have one day where it is 50% off. Soooooo, we'll be back. Lucas Grezweski was teh previous owner of most of the books I bought according to the inside cover. Would it be weird to look them up in the phone book and ask if they had anything they are willing to sell? How many Grezweskis can there be? Oh right, Chicago, about a million.

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