Sunday, March 04, 2007

I went, I saw, I ate, I drank

Back from the party, and my hair totally looked good no matter what my husband says. I took a picture and if I am so inclined, I will upload said picture to the blog and you can assure me that I look nothing like my mother.
We made it home by midnight, when I promised my mother (who it turns out was asleep in front of SNL) we would be.
Chuckles was an angel for her. "Bed, night night grama, DING, choo-choo cup" at 8:05.
I drank 4 to 5 glasses of wine in 4 hours. That's cool. I brought rice krispie treats since we were supposed to bring things to dip in a chocolate pinot noir fondue. I knew no one there for the first 2 hours but made small talk and generally had a decent enough time. In fact, we made plans for next weekend with two couples who were there (the only people we knew..who arrived "fashionably" late).
I was not the most socially awkward sciene-type person in the room since most of the people there had PhDs in some kind of soil compaction science or were married to said people, so I was decidedly middle-of-the-pack on the nerd-o-meter, which was a welcome change.
I think I accidentally insulted one woman by asking who could possibly look good in a halter style top (what with the lack of support and all). Turns out her weding dress was halter, but I recovered by saying that a wedding dress would stand up on its own so there is no lack of support there.
I also had a rousing discussion about the best brand of diapers with a mother of a 2-month old daughter (I also assured her that the weight would fall off once she weaned, so don't worry and enjoy the nursing relationship). A couple of other mothers and a woman who was expecting all joined in and we all told the expectant mother that she would have no idea what kind of diaper worked for her baby until it is born. Chuckles cannot wear Pampers. There. I've said it. It's true. Huggies are OK, but generic rock the house.
Oh, and I got lucky. Twice.

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