Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Everything-Is-OK Alarm

I mentioned that Chuckles calls out for me in the middle of the night by name (MaaaaaaMaaaaaa) every 90 minutes or so in a voice that could wake the dead. Yes, I did mention that. Uh huh. I have decided that this calling for me is the "Everything-Is-OK Alarm". He's just doing it to let me know he's fine. It only takes 2 minutes or so and requires no user intervention, so he's just letting me know he's still here and he's fine. We'll call it this so I don't go out of my flipping mind. Let me point out that I am not hearing this over some sort of baby monitor I could turn off. Our house is small. I just hear it. And sit bolt upright until I realize Everything-Is-Just-Fine.

He has a different cry when something is not OK. He cries something like this:
  • "Blue Ding on Flooooooooor. I want Blue Ding." (I wonder what that means. What is he trying to tell me?)
  • "Chuh feet cold." ("Chuh" is his name for himself.)
  • "MaaaaaaMaaaaaa out!"

So all-in-all Everything Is OK, but I haven't slept more than 3 hours uninterrupted in about 3 weeks and I think it is taking its toll.

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