Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'll never have that hour back

I just spent an hour in teh downstairs potty with a boy who would not put on a diaper. Then, he'd sit on teh potty and squeeze out five drops of pee which he had to dump into the big potty by flinging the little potty cup near my head. I uttered the following phrases:
  • Don't drink the potty
  • Don't touch the potty
  • Diaper or potty
  • Please just put on the diaper
  • Handwashing is over
  • You're just not old enough to potty

See, the thing is, after an hour in there with no diaper, he didn't go anywhere but on the potty, so he's ready. He's just not mature enough to leave the seat alone, don't step in the potty, let mommy help, and so on. Everything in the bathroom is covered in pee (if you viist, you the upstairs potty). I knelt in pee and need new pants. He stepped in pee. All this pee got on teh floor because the stupid potty chair is dumb and his penis faces straight out when sitting and the guard doesn't go up that high and all his helping to dump the pee got pee everywhere (never mind the toilet water he scopped out of the big potty with the potty cup).

Calgon, do my laundry!

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